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Staff List

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Senior Leadership Team

Neil Smith, Head

John Winter, Second Master

Barbara Bottoms, Head of Junior School

Lee Richardson, Deputy Head (Teaching and Curriculum)

Caroline Dunn, Deputy Head (Admissions, Services & Partnerships)

Susan James, Deputy Head (Pupil Welfare)

Sue Kershaw, Chief Operating Officer & Clerk to the Governors

Frances Kennedy, Director of Development and External Relations

Assistant Heads

Andy Nolan, Assistant Head (Tracking & Progress)

Helen Firth, Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)

Nicole Meredith, Assistant Head (Co-curricular)

Elaine Roskell, Assistant Head (Timetabling)

Nick Axon, Assistant Head (Sixth Form)

Peter Tann, Assistant Head (Upper School)

Lesley Fowler, Assistant Head (Lower School)

Heads of Year

Andrew Cawtherley, Head of Year 13

Hannah Allcock, Head of Year 12

Charlotte Parker, Head of Year 11

Peter Thorn, Head of Year 10

Mike Jones, Head of Year 9

David Lockhart, Head of Year 8

Pete Upton, Head of Year 7

Student Managers

Di Rogers, Student Manager (Sixth Form)

Bella Jones, Student Manager (Senior School - Upper) & Designated Safeguarding Officer

Charlotte Whatson, Student Manager (Senior School - Lower)


Rachel Dalton-Woods, Director of Independent Learning

First Aid

Debbie Woodcock, Medical Centre Manager

Kelly Windram, First Aider

Hannah Johnson, School Nurse


Junior School

Barbara Bottoms, Head of Junior School

Anneliese Pye, Senior Deputy Head

Jessica Feraille, Deputy Head (Y1-3)

Kevin Offord, Deputy Head (Y4-6)

Martine Webster, Pastoral Manager (Juniors) & Designated Safeguarding Officer

Ian Hardy, Assistant Head (Pastoral & Wrap-around care)

Kate Sargent, Assistant Head (Administration)


Art & Design

Miss R Baker (Ceramics)

Mrs C Bennett

Mr A Hayley (Head of Department)

Mrs C Penkett (Photography)


Mrs J Barton

Mrs K Bruce

Mr J Hedwat

Mrs R Leonard

Mrs H Norton

Mrs C Sutton (Head of Department)

Miss L Tarnowski


Dr A Carlin

Mr I Chippendale (Head of Department)

Dr J McDouall

Dr H Moylan

Mr A Nolan

Mr S Taylor

Dr S Williams

Mr P Naylor


Mrs L Barfoot

Dr S Brooks

Miss E Meehan (Head of Department)

Drama & Theatre

Miss L Bailey

Mrs V Gardner

Ms C Harms (Director of Drama)

Economics & Business Management

Ms B Barr

Mr A Crook (Head of Department)

Mr A Hornsby

Mr L Richardson


Miss H Allcock

Mrs C Gregory (Head of Department)

Mrs V Gardner

Mrs J Henderson (Maternity)

Mrs S James

Miss E Lawson (Maternity)

Miss B Lewis

Mr D Lockhart

Mrs K Okonkwo

Ms M Pakay

Mr S Parkin

Miss R Sanville

Mrs M Webb (Maternity)

Food & Nutrition

Mrs R Dalton-Woods

Mrs K Vlastos (Head of Department)

Mrs K Williams (Maternity)


Mr A Cawtherley

Mrs C Murphy

Mr M Sparrow

Dr P Wright


Mr N Axon

Mr M Bell (Head of Department)

Mr M Jones

Miss S Pinder

Mrs L Roberts

Miss O Spencer

Mr P Thorn

Learning Support

Mrs S Charles

Mrs V Grange

Miss C Hughes (Head of Department)

Ms S Lloyd-Davies

Mrs A Pope

Mrs K Walker


Miss G Baka

Mr D Barnett

Mr D Brackenbury

Mrs V Byrne

Mrs R Bywater

Mrs R Gibbon

Mr A Lumley

Ms E Mackintosh

Mr P Newsome

Mr S Norton (Head of Department)

Mr D Penney

Mrs B Rawling

Miss E Roskell

Modern Languages

Mr O Abott (Head of French)

Miss J Becker (Head of Spanish)

Mrs C Dionisi

Ms C Haffner

Ms R Lago Costa

Mrs K Lowe

Ms C Martinez

Mrs N Meredith

Mrs J Shand

Mr J Wilson (Head of MFL)

Mr J Winter

Ms R Wickes (Head of German)


Mr P Dewhurst

Mrs S Evans

Mr A Hall (Deputy Director of Music)

Mr A Pettitt (Director of Music)

PE & Games

Mr P Bailey

Mrs E Bebbington

Mr G Clinton

Mrs S Currie-Hateley (Maternity)

Mrs S Davies

Mrs C Dunn

Mrs L Fowler

Mr A Groves

Mr A Hall

Mr G Heagerty

Mr M Higgins (Director of Sport)

Mrs K Maw (Head of Elite Performance)

Mr S Ray-Hills

Mrs A Vernon

Mr A Wrathall

Mr L Wood

Mr A Young

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Mrs H Firth

Miss C Parker

Mrs P Royle

Miss R Turnbull (Head of Department)

Mr P Tann


Miss L Byrne

Mr S Fletcher

Dr J Johnstone

Miss K Purchase

Mr J Smallwood

Mr M Winslow (Head of Department)


Mr N Axon

Mr M Jones

Miss S Pinder (Head of Department)

Mr P Thorn


Mrs K Gilbertson (Head of Department)

Ms S Chorlton

Sports Science

Mrs C Dunn

Mr A Wrathall (Head of Department)


Mrs T Al-Rubaiai (Computing)

Miss H Burgess (Design Technology)

Mrs F Buxton (Design Technology)

Mr L Dunn (Director of Technology)

Mr P Upton (Design Technology)

Infant & Junior School

Mrs Z Bani

Mrs J Banks

Mrs F Barber

Mrs R Beckwith

Mrs E Boardman

Mrs B Bottoms (Head of Junior School)

Miss K Bottoms

Mrs J Brown

Miss N Buckley

Mr J Cartwright

Ms R Chakrabati

Mrs J Dutton

Mrs V Ellison

Mrs J Feraille (Junior School Deputy Head)

Mrs R Fisher

Mrs S Flynn

Miss R Fox

Mrs D Golding

Mrs J Graham

Mr I Hardy

Mrs C Hardy

Mr D Jackson

Mrs L Jackson

Mrs J Jackson

Mrs Lavin-Bailey

Mrs H Lewis

Mrs Y Lyng

Mrs D Manton

Mr M Mason

Miss C Missen

Mrs L Nelson

Miss C Newton

Mr K Offord (Deputy Head Y4 - 6)

Mrs A Pye (Senior Deputy Head)

Mrs S Sanders

Mrs K Sargent

Mrs S Walker

Mrs L Weavers

Miss M Webster