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Teaching and Learning

Effective teaching and learning changes lives and this is at the heart of life at Cheadle Hulme School.
At CHS we are passionate about delivering an academic education which challenges, inspires and nurtures a lifelong and deep love of learning.

From the classroom to the world

The positive, supportive and caring relationships which many Waconians speak of as integral to their CHS experience often begin in the classroom.
This is where academic interest is ignited and nurtured, and where pupils achieve academic excellence whilst appreciating the importance of contributing positively and altruistically to the world they live in. The CHS classroom is an exciting place to be.
As a professional teaching body, the School chooses to work collegiately and collaboratively. Together, the staff make it a priority to engage with the best educational research and evidence available to them. This enables them to adopt and deliver the highest quality and most effective approaches of teaching and learning to assist pupil outcomes.
Whether this is by providing diagnostic and actionable feedback for pupils, ensuring there is explicit instruction in the classroom or ‘modelling’ examples to help pupils understand how to approach tasks, teachers at CHS continue to inspire and innovate.
Passionate about their subjects, the School's teachers study and meet regularly to share both subject expertise and professional practice. Reflection and refinement is actively encouraged, reinforcing CHS's position as a forward-thinking school that prepares and equips its pupils for their exciting futures.

'to be the best you can be' - Aristotle

As part of a commitment to supporting learning, CHS offers pupils their own Arete Learning Site which provides practical research-informed guidance and assistance to help them excel in their studies.
Arete (pronounced ‘a-ret’tay’) is an ancient Greek word, used by the philosopher Aristotle in his writing. It means ‘excellence’ or simply ‘to be the best you can be’. This idea of excellence was originally connected with the fulfilment of purpose: the act of living up to one's full potential which is what CHS wants for all Waconians. 
CHS's Arete resource is used regularly by subject teachers, form tutors and the School's pupils as an additional tool to help pupils understand how to develop effective working habits. Topics include: time management, target setting, navigating and reading textbooks effectively, motivation and effective revision practice.

A Learning Partnership - Parental Support

Parents are also part of the learning partnership at CHS and the School regularly seeks to provide guidance and support for you as you seek to support your child at home. For example, you may find the following links useful: